Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some Tips On How To Create Profitable Mobile Sites

It is really important to get a mobile optimized website nowadays. The chief reason for this is that mobile devices are becoming a trend today and many people prefer using them to PCs or laptops, hence users spend more time to be online from gadgets. Mobile websites for businesses are already must-have things. When accessing usual sites from iPhones or Android your potential clients will have to scroll and pinch the wording to make it readable. That frankly speaking is not a pleasant thing to do. According to the stats 40% of first time visitors will never come back as they didn't like their first experience on your site. It is inconvenient and besides takes quite a lot of time while pages are loading. Here are some rules of better user experience of mobile friendly websites:

- mobile sites should work on all possible platforms and devices including widely spread Android and iOS
- horizontal and vertical orientations should be supported
- good mobile optimized sites are user-centric, which means they’re built with taking some advice from your audience. Ask your users what they like and dislike in your website and try to change it to better  meet their needs
- sites should be quick and easy to navigate so users won't spend much time and could get the data they need in seconds. No scrolling and pinching are desired
- include functionality you know your clients will use for sure: nearby to find nearest and useful locations, contact info to easily reach you, forms to collect feedback and offers etc. However be moderate, if you overload your site with a lot of functionality it will spoil the general impression as will give users plenty of info at once (making it hard to find what they actually need) and deaden speed of the site work
- make user interface more friendly so that each person could easily navigate your site and press the buttons they were going to click on not depending on the size of their fingerprints
- automatically redirect users to your mobile optimized site if they access your site from mobile devices. Users always should have a chance to see a full site option.

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