Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Does Mobile Optimization Matter?

You have already created a powerful website for your business where potential prospects and your current customers can find all the necessary information about you. Though it is not enough from modern point of view. First of all the popularity of mobile devices is growing that means that the majority of people all over the world prefer to use mobile gadgets to search the Web, exchange messages, emails, watch films and listen to music instead of using PCs and laptops. The main condition of mobility progress and success roots in always expanding WiFi connection which appears even in remote spots of our planet and the simplicity of mobile devices usage. So why to change already existing sites and get a mobile optimized website as an alternative. Why does mobile optimization matter?

·        It provides the best user experience on a mobile device.
·        Much faster load time (hugely important w/mobile searches!)
·        Easy to read.
·        Enhances the user (your customer’s) experience and impression of your brand.
·        Simpler matters in mobile.
·        People are already looking for your site on their phone.
·        11% of mobile users have actually screamed at their phone in frustration because a standard website loads so slowly – or doesn’t load at all (flash websites, especially).

This is important to have mobile friendly website or web app at least which can replace websites easily. Moreover web apps can work perfect both on devices and be installed as native apps and function in a browser like a usual website. You can request such an app already today. Just visit Snappii site and fill in the form with your requirements. Snappii team will create you a web app in the next 48 hours already with a lot of useful and great features. These apps don't need approval process and go live immediately. Request an app and get it entirely completed in a couple of days only. The world goes mobile, don't forget that you are a part of it. 

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