Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Snappii Has Released Web Apps Support

A quick email to share with you a very existing new development. Now Snappii supports creation of mobile friendly websites, also know as HTML5  apps or web apps. In addition to native apps you can select mobile website as a target platform and we will generate the HTML5 app code. Many of the features that are available for native apps are also available for web apps. Web apps are quick and easy to do.  You don’t need to have Developer accounts with Apple or Google.  There is NO review and approval process.  Your mobile sites are available to the public instantly!!!
The following features are supported for web apps currently:

1. Call, email
2. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
4. Web links. There are 2 modes (user can select mode in Editor):
- link is opened inside the app
- link is opened outside the app
5. List control
6. Nearby, Map
7. RSS
8. Form – only email mode. User can use text, number, datetime, multiple-choice (with single choice only) inputs.
9. Discussion
10. Text area
11. Image
12. Color theme
13. Customizable footer
14. Customizable initial screen (ability to change background and buttons colors)
15. User management – only user groups
16. An opportunity to show app icon in the app (see picture)

Please keep in  mind this list is always growing because our aim is to make web apps as powerful and functional as our native apps are. Soon we will hit our target. In a meanwhile these options are enough to create a useful web app and release it immediately to run on various mobile devices. The app development process is the same as for native apps. If you have already made some apps with snappii you won't see any difference. If you are a newcomer it will be helpful for you to check out our site, videos, FAQ and of course try to build your own app in the editor. It is free.
After your app is created just go submit it as usual. Among already existing options (Submit to Apple Appstore and Google Play) there is a new option Publish HTML5 Web App. Clicking on it will open another window with a QR code and the URL to install your HTML5 app. Then you can install your app on the device and it will look like a common native app with icon. Web apps are really easy and quick to update. Create web apps on your own or have us made it for you by filling out the Request Form. Just give it a try and enjoy your web app already in seconds after you make it!

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