Friday, December 14, 2012

Coming Soon on Snappii: Web Services

It was just a couple of months ago when Snappii mobile app development enterprise released Snappii 2.0. With this release, users were enabled by the Snappii Platform's WYSIWYG visual Enterprise Mobile App editor. This empowered users with the ability to create databases on their own. With these databases, you are able to fulfill many different operations with them, including add/delete/update/edit, send data via email, and many others. These enhancements greatly expanded the functionality of the potential apps that could be created with the Snappii Platform and made it more flexible than ever before. The one single area our development team was working on simplifying that way that data could be updated. Presently, each time you want to update your datasource, you have needed to append new data or upload a new datasource containing all the recent changes. However, I'm pleased to share that before years end, Snappii will be releasing Web Services features that will push the Snappii Drag and Drop editor to a new level. It will make the data in any apps created on the Snappii Platform live and even easier to handle and change.

A Web service is a software function provided at a network address over the web or the cloud. It is a service that is "always on", as in the concept of utility computing. With Snappii's Web Services release, the data from your server can now be retrieved, changed and handled simultaneously. In static datasources, there are no opportunities to even send or retrieve data partially according to a query. With Snappii's Web Services,  it will all be possible. The WYSIWYG Visual Drag and Drop Enterprise Mobile App creator will have the abilities to handle any data which users add on their end, sort and search through the data and save it to your own server.

With the addition of Web Services, the Snappii enterprise will also be growing to support access to the following web services:

- Twitter
- Salesforce
- Instagram
- LinkedIn
- Google API
- Vimeo
- Facebook
- etc

The list will continue to grow to meet the needs of today's Enterprise Mobile App. At the moment, a beta version of Web Services is already available and, by the end of the year, it will appear on the main "production" site. If your goal is to create multi-functional, powerful mobile apps inexpensively and in a matter of hours the Snappii platform is the best solution you could ever dream of or imagine. Big enterprise companies spend tens of thousands of dollars to create enterprise apps and then often need to wait several months to get a completed, fully functional product. With Snappii, you will get what you really want and it will be a cost-effective and complete and full functional in an amazingly quick period of time.

Track our blog to always be updated with the latest Snappii news. Our list of features is continually expanding and there are many more improvements on the road ahead. Join us today to see where we will go. Grow your business with the value of an Enterprise Mobile App built on the Snappii WYSIWYG Visual Drag and Drop Editing Platform.

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