Friday, December 7, 2012

Go Mobile With the Snappii Enterprise Solution

Mobile devices have never been as popular as they are now. Most people use them to fulfill a lot of daily tasks at work, as well as at home. Recently, the majority of bank clients were afraid to use the online functionality of some bank's Apps to check their accounts, make money transfers, pay bills and send checks because of wide spread apprehension of becoming a victim of fraud and fishing. However, experience has shown mobile systems to be as secure and accurate as if you went to the bank yourself. It is a concern to most industries that mobile devices and applications are managed to ensure they will make peoples' lives easier and less stressful. Why go somewhere to get something, if you can easily make payments online, book rooms, call and order a taxi, look through your favorite magazines and newspapers, watch videos, check weather forecasts and more, all with a small gadget in your palm.  

Big corporations are certainly aware of the growing popularity of mobility and certainly intend to find a mobile solution for their software. No doubt, this task is a high priority. However, it is not so simple to achieve. As the population becomes more mobile, businesses must hone their mobile offerings.  Often, these offerings appear to be enterprise mobile apps. Large companies have have people on their staff who are capable of writing code. However, it is difficult for them to quickly switch from writing in other programming languages, to mobile App languages like Objective C or Java they may have no background in or haven't used in years. On average, it takes even experienced programmers more than half a year to accurately learn them. Retraining an existing team to code for mobile apps will not only create additional expenses from the  time it takes the developer to become effective with the new coding languages, but there is the loss of work on other projects which would likely offer a more crucial meaning for the business than even the app. Hiring third-party developers is not a reasonable solution to the problem as there are not many of them that have the experience and availability. Because they are in such high demand, they are able to charge rates that are likely to put the app development budget overly excessive. That leads to the issue some companies are facing now. How can I meet the urgent necessity to go mobile and meet the needs and demands of my clients and customers?

There is a great solution for every company asking this question. It's the Snappii enterprise app development platform. Snappii offers excellent opportunities for businesses to build their own apps. Using the platform's  visual WYSIWYG visual drag and drop editor, mobile apps are quick and easy to build. All important app platforms are supported, including iOS, Android and HTML5 web apps. You can utilize your existing staff to create apps and solve the problem of retraining your own staff or hiring overpriced or unavailable experienced mobile app programmers. Most amazing, it isn't even necessary to have programming skills to successfully design an app using the Snappii platform. And, it's not only basic, simple apps that can be made using the Snappii Platform. The list of new and powerful features is always growing. In December, the features will become even greater when Snappii will release its new Web Service feature. This will make it possible to connect any of your apps to different web services, draw upon them using the app, then be able to display and use the required data in the app. With Snappii, mobile enterprises will save significant time and money - one single Enterprise fee will include all of the platforms, white label and dashboard options as well as allowing you to create an unlimited number of apps through your Enterprise account. The Enterprise account will free businesses to create all of the apps they need and design them to fit any specific needs a department may have. If you are a savvy, budget conscious CEO looking to ensure your corporation doesn't get swept under by the wave of apps on the market, visit Snappii website today and check all of the benefits your could be taking advantage of while increasing your market share.

As companies work to tighten up their mobile strategies, customers and enterprises alike will go on reaping the benefits.  Thanks to mobile enterprise apps, organizations can streamline business processes, and connect with a wider range of clients, whether they are at home, the office, or just on the road.  The mobile era is here, and enterprises are seeing the rewards if their they're investing in their mobile-facing efforts.


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