Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snappii 2.0 Offers Data Base Integration for iOS, Android and HTML 5

A news story on Sitesetter by Bhanu Sridhar, announced to any Users who are utilizing Snappii 2.0 can now develop apps that make use of database(s) for iOS, as well as Android devices. The databases have the capacity to store any type of data including numbers, text, videos and pictures.

Mr. Sridhar went on to explain that "this information can be evaluated, edited and modified from the apps. To be able to share data with other users, databases can be stored on any device locally or be server based."

As I shared with Mr. Sridhar, "marrying databases to apps enables our customers to create all kinds of mobile apps that work with live and dynamic data. This further distinguishes Snappii as a platform for creating enterprise grade mobile apps, but still not requiring any mobile programming skills.”
An interesting question was raised on a Linked In board this week that speaks well to why ensuring your app has enterprise level capabilities, not just basic app capabilities. A great enterprise app is one that integrates with data sources. A great app  should let you access data in a variety of internal enterprise systems. like SAP,  IBM, and MS for just a few examples. In addition, enterprise apps should also integrate with your cloud services like Salesforce and Amazon for just a couple examples.
In addition to the importance of giving mobile app users access to data, it's what users can do with the data in Snappii created apps.  As Mr. Sridhar said, "this information can be evaluated, edited and modified from the apps. To be able to share data with other users, databases can be stored on any device locally or be server based."
In a blog post on software solutions titled Catch Up shared what they felt were the benefits of enterprise mobility solutions.
  • The use of mobile devices has been shown to increase the worker’s efficiency and enhance overall productivity. It enables employees to remain connected with their workforce from all places, all the times. Employees enjoy flexibility enabling them to be more involved in their work and have access to the information that will let them perform at their best.
  • For marketing professionals, mobility is a blessing in disguise. It enables them to attend to customers’ questions instantly and solve their problems. Mobility within the enterprise has improved customer service and customer satisfaction. It has also resulted in enhanced sales for the business.
  • Enterprise mobility solutions play a major role in fostering business growth. It enables businesses to cut down the IT costs and increase revenue for the firm.
As you can see after reading there three points, every one reemphasizes the importance of data integration with enterprise mobile apps in order for them to receive true enterprise benefits throughout the organization.
Learn more about Snappii 2.0 and how you can build apps for iOS, Android and HTML 5 that integrate the critical data your clients and staff need to be truly beneficial in generating greater revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and retention, and make employers throughout the office and field more efficient with their time and more effective with all of their efforts for the company and their customers.

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  1. Data integration on your cellphone? Welcome to the 21st century. Thank you for sharing! Some people think that DI is too expensive but it is critical in sustaining competitive operations.