Monday, December 17, 2012

Solving the App Programmer Problem

Everyone is trying to solve the challenge of developing apps themselves. The first challenge is you need developers that are capable of writing code in both Objectice-C and Java. It's rare to find a single programmer that are capable in writing in both languages. Even if they took introductory courses, if they haven't done a project using either language in quite a while, they are not likely to be able to remember how to do it well enough to be capable of tackling the development requirements for the capabilities of an enterprise mobile app. Most of the time, it means companies hire different people. Mobile App Developers know they are in big demand and can require a big price. Currently, the minimal investment for 2 people is running around $250K.

Yet, how many developers are out there, if you go to, you'll find nearly 50 pages full of mobile apps jobs. Unless you're a gambling person and willing to take a huge risk, what do you really think your odds are of finding the really exceptional candidates out of the companies filling those 50 pages of job opportunities on Monster?  I'm sorry to say, but they're probably not great.  Even if you were to find some developers to get you started, as Andrew Chen said in a blog post, "Mobile App Startups Are Falling Like Its 1999, "we see startups burn 1/3 to 1/2 of their seed round before they release anything, it becomes really dangerous when the initial launch inevitably fails to catch fire. Then the rest of the funding isn’t enough to do a substantive update."

But, with Snappii and our WYSIWYG Visible Drag and Drop Enterprise Mobile App Development Platform, there is no longer a need to chase the elusive mobile apps developer. You also preserve your capital by designing your app for Apple, Android and HTML5 without the need to write any code and without any initial investment before you see any final App.

Another tremendous way Snappii can ensure you develop an Enterprise Mobile App that will be successful for you is we are constantly updating our Snappii Platform to ensure it includes any changes that are made to the Apple, Android or HTML 5 platforms. As Chris Bailey stated in his blog post, :Why mobile development is so hard, "However, crucially the biggest problem we've faced is that the mobile platform is an ever changing beast. Mobile apps exists within a market that is in a constant state of flux and the one thing you can rely on is that THINGS WILL CHANGE. Don't underestimate this."

One of the other strong benefits of the Snappii Platform is you have the ability to test and edit your app as many times as you need, without incurring any expense. Corrections are easy to make in the WYWIWYG Visible Editor and test again. Chris emphasized how critical this aspect of app development is when he simply but firmly stated, "and finally, test, test and test some more."

Snappii's Platform, with its visual editor certainly benefits you and your development team by having the ability to literally drag and drop pieces that you want into app right into place. You visibly watch the app come together right before your eyes. Even better though, is you can gather your entire development team together to build the app together in the Snappii Platform. Well, one of the many challenges when you hire outside developers is they control the design. If they don't interpret your notes and instructions correctly, you will be paying for any additional changes to eliminate design flows. Carter Thomas, in a blog he wrote on the cost to develop an app, stated "be wary of the quality and how much control you will have over the process."  Carter includes many other helpful costs related to blog development that you should consider.

Consider who knows best what your app needs to be able to do? Your own staff. Will app developers who are off premises really be able to gain a full enough understanding of what your customers, sales, marketing, service, shipping and HR need from an Enterprise Mobile App? 
There truly is no need to seek mobile app developers. Use your existing programmers and your other staff to use the Snappii Platform to build just the app you need.  Discover you could use apps specific for different departments? You can do that easily too.
Start by going to and  begin to build your first app. There is plenty of help, with online assistance, FAQ, video demonstrations, and support that's just an e-mail away. I encourage you to try it for yourself today.

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