Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Promote Your Brands With iPhone and Android Apps

Promoting goods and services can be cost-effective and an easy task to do when using up-to-date technologies. Iphone and Android devices are really helpful when you want to expand your business and let more people know about it. Promoting brand goods is not an exception, modern gadgets work for them too. Make your brands popular and people will talk about you by obtaining such an app. Here is a short list of what apps can make:

Map – provide directions
Contact- call – email – access to website
Benefits – describe benefit of using a brand promoter
Services/techniques – describe different services and techniques used to promote brands
Clients – share existing client success stories
Feedback – customers can provide feedback helping you to improve your business
Appt request – allow potential clients to request meeting with you
Push Notifications – provide useful tips to your clients/prospects
Test run new products and get customer feedback
Leverage social networks- Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn
Loyalty program-use QR code coupons to reward your customers
mCommerce -make it possible to purchase items using PayPal

As you can see first of all iPhone and Android apps will help your clients easily look up all the info about your company, get in touch with you due to social media and contact details, find the nearest locations e.g. shops and convenient stores, see your selling items and choose among them and even purchase them. With the help of Forum users will be able to communicate with each other and ask you questions regarding your business, people feel more likely and are attracted when they get some personal attention. Your business becomes closer and you can even strengthen their interest by sending personal push notification not only to announce Specials and new commings but also wish a good weekend or congratulate clients on special occasions. It does matter a lot and will help you succeed. Review similar apps in the App Gallery or download Snappii Preview app. Everyone can get such an app by filling out the App Request Form. Let Snappii create a useful app for your industry quickly and inexpensively.

Monday, May 28, 2012

How To Make A Merchant's App

Are you a merchant who would like to promote his business but doesn't know how? How to make your business visible so that except your existing customers new and new people will be attracted? One of the best solutions to achieve high results in this field is getting a mobile app. You ask why- here is the short list of what merchant's app can do.

- show your business locations on map and using Nearby functionality
- give your clients and prospect all the contact info about you including email, phone # and etc.
- provide opening hours
- allow you to get feedback regarding your business, let them ask you questions and interact with each other using Forum
- keep users updated about special event sales like black Friday, back to school, spring into spring, buy local
- send Push Notifications – when business is slow send users sale notification – also send reminders about black Friday, father’s day specials, mother’s day specials
- show your list of Products offered
- purchase goods and products using PayPal functionality, sell goods online
- offer Specialty items – what makes you unique to other shops like you?
- use QR codes and coupons– let your customer download your app right in your store –loyalty program - expand loyalty program via a mobile app
- let app users register in the app – find out when their Birthday is – when are they getting married, when is their baby due – offer special coupons
- connect clients to your Social Media Channels like FB, Twitter and LinkedIn
- make surveys – find out what your customer likes to buy – what they wish you carried
- take pictures – your customers can take a picture of that great item at a great price they just purchased from you and share it – what a great marketing tool
- submit lots of electronic forms to eleminate paper usage and save time and money. Let users order via apps.

Iphone,iPad and Android apps are popular today, most have them on their own and having your own merchant's app in the Appstore and Google Play will help you promote the business and succeed. Be noticeable among numerous competitors and order such a useful app already today on Snappii site. If you need another app feel free to find apps in the App Gallery or preview custom apps using Snappii Preview.

Friday, May 25, 2012

How Insurance Companies Benefit From iPad and Android Tablet Apps

Insurance agencies and their clients can easily benefit from using iPhone,Android and especially iPad apps. The process of reporting issues takes quite a lot of time and paper work. Using custom form apps will simplify this task as there is a possibility to fill out all the forms on devices and send them immediately to any email address or server side. Such forms allow uploading and/or taking pictures, no matter how many ones you want to send- a single or a dozen. Just a click on a location field will specify the spot where you are at. It will save much time as there is no need for adjusters to arrive on locations. They can look at the damage first using their iOS and Android gadgets and only then decide if it is crucial to go there or not. All other details are submitted with the help of electronic forms as well - date,contact info, names. Multichoice fields allow to choose already listed options, it is really convenient especially on various Android tablets and iPads due to bigger screens. Besides mobile apps can do the following:

Map – provide directions to claimant
Contact- call - email – access to website
Claims – file claims
Pictures – take a picture of damage done
Questionnaire – Claimants can fill out required forms

Insurance apps are easy and quick to create if you know an appropriate web service for it. There is Snappii which helps non-programmers as well as businesses make custom iPhone/iPad and Android apps. You fill out the form at the site with your requirements, get response shortly. In the following 48 hours you will already have a prototype of your app which you will be able to test using Snappii Preview app. Take a look at the apps Snappii created.  Snappii is cost-effective service enabling you to get needed app in a matter of days. With Snappii your business can get mobile apps faster to market and maintain them at lower cost of ownership. Using mobile apps you can make more and save more money.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How Hospitals Benefit From Having iPhone/Android Apps

IPhone and Android apps are used in various spheres of life, they stress the idea that modern world can't do without using up-to-date technologies. The main advantages mobile apps and gadgets can offer are flexibility and speed. Practically all activities can be performed by using apps from Appstore and Google Play. Hospitals are not different, they need special applications as well as other services and industries. There are plenty of tasks to be fulfiled with the help of iPhone or/Android applications. Let see what each app can do:

Map – provide directions from
Provide Er wait times – if individuals don’t have true emergency the posted wait times could encourage a Ready Care visit verses an ER visit allowing physicians to focus on true emergencies
Er – sign-up form – administrators would spend less time filling out forms, freeing up their time to complete other tasks.
Call us button- patience would not have to look up phone numbers - saving time in emergency situations
My data form- information could be filled out easily and provided to the appropriate individuals – eliminating much of the manual input – and saving time
Find a Physician – Find a physician closest to you, or who specializes in your illness
Basic First aid information – eliminating many calls to the ER room
Location Data – capture location data of critical personal

As you see the benefits are huge. Except saving a lot of time everyone can eliminate paper usage and submit all the info by filling out electronic forms. Appointments have never been so easy to make, a necessary visit just a few clicks away to arrange.  These apps are helpful both for doctors and their patients as time sometimes has an especial value and every minute counts. If you wish to get such an app feel free to send us your request form here. Snappii creates apps which cover every industry, choose your from the list of custom apps and get it live in the Appstore soon.

Monday, May 21, 2012

How To Make An App For Your Night Club

There is a great amount of night clubs in big cities. Young people adore going out Friday and Saturday nights.  How to make them choose your club among numerous competitors. There is a way out of the problem. Apple gadgets and smartphones are really hot among youngsters as devices keep them updated and allow to communicate with their friends. Time spent on watching TV has been declined rapidly as young people get all the necessary info from web, listen to music, watch films, download a huge number of apps for fun and study and etc. It is obvious that creating specific mobile apps for night clubs will greatly increase a chance to be found and stay out among others. Put all available info into your app including opening hours, special parties, menu, contact data and etc. to make it easier for people to find you. Every download from the Appstore or Google play will lead more youth to your club. You can even send them Push Notifications to let them know that there is a cool party in the evening or a special menu.

Nearby functionality will allow users to find your location in seconds without searching it. Having a reservation form in your app will enable them to book tickets and tables. They will just fill out the form and email it to you. It is convenient, isn't it? Adding a discussion forum to your app will let young people discuss different issues, exchange opinions, ask you questions or assist others if they know the answer. That is a good way to get feedback and see what to change to become even more attractive. iPhone,iPad or Android app will save a lot of money and time as it will both promote your night club and help you communicate with visitors. If you provide a way for your customers to communicate with you via an app it cuts down on your phone calls giving you more time to tend to other tasks that need to be done to prepare for the day and or evening.

Besides you can reward your frequent guests by implementing QR code coupons into your app. Let them get discount for drinks or even a free entry if they come and scan QR code several times already. Due to PayPal release app purchases are available, let users pay for tickets via app, they will be pleased to get such an option.
Feel free to fill out App Development Request form on Snappii site if you decide to get this app. Your requirements will be reviewed and you will have the app you really want shortly. Some of Snappii apps are available in the App Gallery and Preview app too. Check this out to figure out the opportunities and advantages Snappii web service can offer.

Friday, May 18, 2012

How iOS and Android Apps Assist Equipment Inspecting

We continue reviewing the ways how mobile apps can simplify working process of many industries.
Every business should use up-to-date technologies to promote themselves and make the work quicker. Let's take a look at equipment inspecting industry. Equipment inspecting is necessary as cranes, heavy machinery, trucks and other kinds of equipment cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The process usually takes a lot of time as requires much paper work and reaching distant locations. How to eliminate paper forms and make sure what has to be fixed and where. And there is a real way out of the problem - mobile apps. iPhone/iPad and Android apps allow operators to check in daily so that locations are known. Using various types of forms workers can easily send reports containing all the necessary information including an exact location, pictures of equipment problems, comments on the issues and so on. All such apps due to Nearby functionality and form enhancements can easily track the equipment. Identify and document what type of inspections have taken place and when the inspection took place. Useful apps created by Snappii will eliminate manual process and paper.

If you are interested in such an app and want to get one for your iPhone,iPad or Android feel free to let us know about it here. Snappii builds a lot of apps to work on different platform simultaneously for every industry. Go download the Snappii Preview app and see which apps are already there. Don't forget to visit App Gallery in where the best apps are included.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How iPhone/Android Apps Can Promote Your Travelling Agency?

Summers are the high time to go abroad and have a good rest after long period of working. It takes sometimes quite a lot of time to find an appropriate place for your vacation or holiday. There are many countries where to go but one must know for sure which hotel he will stay at, what is included in the bill, insurance issues, all of the details do matter especially if you are traveling with your children. Travel agencies are established to help people find the needed routes to go according to clients' wishes and wallet opportunities. Travelers usually look for the info on various websites but it is more convenient to download only one app which will tell you all about traveling. Let's list the features which iPhone/iPad and/or Android app supports:

Map – provide directions to your facility
Contact- call – email – access to website
Emergency number – your client is in route your - office is closed but they need to contact you
Feedback – customers can provide feedback helping you to improve your business
Specials – Announce specially priced packages
Bookings – allow clients to book through app
Special coupons – allow app users to take advantage of discount coupons offered
Calendar – provide schedule of upcoming vacation packages – cruises –tours
Travel guide lines – documents needed – arrival times (how early should I arrive on the dock/pier – at the airport)
Pictures – take pictures and email them – post pictures
Push Notifications – send push notifications about last minute specials
Social media buttons – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Travel suggestions – before you start your vacation we have a few suggestions for you – make sure you have all necessary documents – all emergency numbers with – you understand what you can and can’t bring on the plane
My Trip – allow clients to discuss the fun they had on the trip – or what a great job your agency did in taking care of all the details

All these options make traveling apps really helpful. No need to search the web for hours, look up contact info. Such an app will definitely save you tons of time and money. If you are an owner of traveling agency this app can become a great promotional tool for you. Most people have smartphones and tablets and spend hours online, they will for sure download your app and install it on their devices to prepare for their journey. If you want to attract new clients to your business, don't lose time and send Snappii your App Development Request. Snappii apps are available to see in Preview app and App Gallery. Just spend some minutes and find the app you want to get. It will be created quickly for you. Snappii knows how to make iPhone and Android apps.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Push Notifications Can Help Your Business

Sending emails is an important promotional tool most businesses use for marketing purposes. Besides PCs people can easily send them using their smartphones and other mobile devices. Email marketing is still powerful but sending enourmous number of emails every day to numerous email addresses seems to look like spam and therefore become an annoying thing people don't want to get. That is the reason why many emails get straight to spam folders and never will be read and replied.  Piles of emails are just sent out in vain. Here comes the time of notifications. Let's see which advantages they can offer us and how they differ from usual emails.

Push Notifications become more widely spread as the popularity of mobile gadgets is growing, more and more people all over the world buy devices for their work and entertainment.  Users receive pop-up messages telling them some news, discounts, any stuff which can be helpful. Push notifications are like email 15 years ago, people actually pay attention. Having an iPhone,iPad or Android app will allow you to store a lot of different notifications you get. Notifications can be scheduled on sent ad hoc. That's a excellent way to show your attention to customers and reward their loyalty. Share with clients not only special offers but congratulate them on holidays and wish them good holidays. They will appreciate this for sure. Except some short lines notifications can contain URLs and images to provide more info on the subject. Geo fencing will allow sending notification when users are within certain geographic area like driving by a store. Notifications give a plenty of opportunities every business can use and get benefits.

You can check yourself how easy it is to create notifications by using Snappii Dashboard. Download Preview app or see Snappii App Gallery and Snappii will make any app you want with the ability to send push notifications. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Make A Restaurant App

Many people download iPhone, iPad and Android apps on their devices to simplify their lives. Mobile apps can help you a lot, doesn't matter if you use them for working purposes or for entertainment. At weekends or in the evenings when working day is over most are eager to walk out somewhere to have a rest. Hospitality services are what tired people need. The more potential clients can find out about your business using their mobile devices the better. Practically all have smartphones, tablets on their own because they are always with you and allow you searching web on the go. Having your app installed on someone's gadget will greatly increase you chances to be found. Why go to an unknown restaurant and probably spoil your spare time. Restaurant app will tell everything about your service including working hours, location, contacts, dishes, feedback and etc. Having all such info on their palms will lead people to your restaurant as they already will know what you are and what you can offer to them.
Let's take a look at only some of the features iOS and Android Restaurant apps offer:

Map – provide directions
Contact- call - place to go orders – email – access to website
Reservation Forms – Customers can request reservations
Menu – Display your menu
Feedback – customers can provide feedback helping you to improve your business
Specials – Specials can be announced
Push Notifications – Fill the seats when business is slow

Besides you can reward customers' loyalty by implementing QR codes coupons into your mobile app. PayPal functionality will allow visitors to pay their orders and reserve tables. Don't forget about fun, it is common for people to take pictures and share them with friends. Take and Email Pic Button will do that. If you still hesitate take a look at Snappii demo apps by downloading Preview app and you will see how many various and many-sided applications they have already created. You can get your own here! Send your Request Form to Snappii and soon you will notice the benefits of having such an app. It will drive clients to your restaurant, cafe, bar as iPhone and Android applications are a great promotional tool. Your clients will always find you among numerous competitors. Just give it a try.

Monday, May 14, 2012

What Benefits Can Be Achieved With Ski Resort App Made By Snappii?

In summer most people have holidays, some prefer to spend them lying in the sun in hot countries, other on the contrary travel to mountains to have an active rest there. If you are in tourist business you know for sure how many competitors are ready to take your potential prospects from you. Let your business be searchable for clients. If they don't find you they will find your competitor. Users visit  Appstore and Google Play approximately as often as they search something in Google. They don’t always have access to PC’s or laptops. However if they own a Smartphone it’s always with them, why not make it easy for them to find you.
The most useful way to make your business known for a lot of people around is to create a iPhone/iPad and Android app which will be downloaded frequently and tell your potential clients a good way more than they can figure out without having it. With the help of your app users can get the following:

– provide directions to your facility – provide map of the mountain
– direct dial to first aid hut in the event of an emergency  
– know times and types of ski lessons offered
– call – email – access to website
– buy your yearly pass – or individual tickets
– customers can provide feedback helping you to improve your business
– winter carnival – kids ski for free – half price day
– local restaurants – bars – lodging
– will keep customers always updated with the latest news using Push notification
– take pictures and share them immediately with friends
– get discounts by scanning QR code coupons
– and many other cool features

You can easily get such an app by filling out the Request Form on Our Site. The ski community is huge – give them a reason to come to your mountain instead of the mountain next door. Once they download your app – and you keep them informed of what is happening you’ll gain mountain loyalty!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eliminate Paper Forms And Go Green!

Working people should obtain a lot of skills necessary to fit modern world standards and conditions. First of all they need flexibility and stability. Everyone can start their working day in the office but in the course of day transfer to different destinations e.g. make business trips or distribute something. Constant moving from place to place deprives the opportunity to have usual access to PCs. But how to handle email conversations and make daily reports. There is an obvious way out of the problem. Smartphones and tablets seem to be a real and single solution how to stay in business even when you are out of the office. Mobile devices always keep you updated and let you communicate with  people. While working in fields most have much paper work which is a bit inconvenient and sometimes annoying. Paper forms which need to be filled out manually often take much time. How to save your  time and money? Mobile apps on your devices will do a lot helpful work for you. Electonic forms which are handled quickly and easily with the help of keyboards and an immediate submission to email addresses and server sides will make your special app an indespensable tool for your business. By using custom iPhone/iPad and Android apps you will eliminate paper usage and save pretty much money. It will help your business flourish and besides save more trees on our planet which are chopped every day to produce various paper products. Every business has a paper budget work. Snappii will help you get rid of the necessity to use paper. Listed only a small number of types of electronic forms which can be created and submitted with us:

-Landscaping Work Order
-Tree Mitigation Schedule
-Pests and Plants Inspection Form
-Dairy Inventory Form
-Farm Health & Safety Audit
-Farm Equipment Work Orders
-Floor Covering Contractors Estimate Sheet
-Tractor and Mower Order Form
-Equipment Inspection, Cleaning, Maintenance and Calibration
-Tree Scale Ticket - Mobile App
-Workshop Safety Checklist
-Garden Cart Maintenance Log
-Fence Perimeter and Field Inspection
-Weekly Employee Time Sheet
-Room Measurement Form
-Estimate Sheet - Construction Programs & Results
-Remodeling Proposals
-Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Service Transaction
-Painting Work Order Invoice
-Building Inspection
-Electrical Work Order & Invoice (advanced)
-Classroom Walk Through Assessment
-Autism - Time Sample Data Sheet
-Autism - Curriculum Planning Form
-Teacher Evaluation Activities Chart
-Chemical Inventory Form
-Money/Rent Receipt Book
-Real Estate - House Shopping
-Universal Residential Loan Application
-Real Estate Prospect Cards
-Transaction Register
-Cash Receipt
-Residential Lease Agreement
-Paper Check Collection
-Daily Cash Report
-Basic Sales Receipt
-Easy-Copy Business Budget
-Basic Release Form
-EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Authorization Form
-Simple Residential Lease
-Massage Therapist Client Intake Application
-SOAP Charting Notes for Massage Therapy
-Medical History Form
-HIPAA Client Consent Form
-Massage Therapy Informed Consent Form
-Daily Patient Care Record
-Personal Protective Equipment Inspection Checklist
-Accident Report Form
-Dental History Form
-Basic Initial Patient Assessment Form
-Food and Beverage Form - Executive Suites
-Restaurant Inventory
-Basic Event Estimate
-Restaurant Order Form
-Guest Registration Forms
-Create a Cake Form
-Health Club Waiver, Release of Liability & Indemnity Agreement
-Basic Order Form
-Daily Inspection Checklist
-Safety Inspection-Machine Guarding
-Refrigerant Tracking Form
-Personal Protective Equipment Inspection Checklist
-Oil & Gas Sales & Service Order
-Oil & Gas Service Interruption Form
-MSA Sales/Service Form
-Customer Propane Incident Report
-QuickBooks Invoice
-Job Work Order Form
-Medical History Form
-QuickBooks Timecard
-Technical Service Orders
-Work Estimate Form
-Protection System Work Order Invoice Form
-Legal Services Client Information Form
-Photo Shoot Sales Order Form
-Special Order Form
-Basic Order Form
-Inventory Tracking Sheet
-Catalog Ordering Form
-Retail Merchandise Inspection
-Delivery Receipt
-Price Quote Request
-Apparel Retail Form
-Sales Order Book
-Hairdresser/Salon Client Profile and History Form
-Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Service Transaction
-Delivery Confirmation w/ GPS
-Vehicle Inspection Form w/ GPS Data Collection
-Vehicle Inspection Form
-Bill of Lading
-Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Expense Tracker
-Route Plan Form
-Performance Test for Forklift Operators
-Vehicle Expense Tracking
-Auto Repair Form
-Weigh Station Inspection Form

If you are concerned about  your business and the ecological situation go to our site and request such an app. It will be quickly made for you after you fill out the form. If you have any questions just let us know. Your feedback is appreciated.Use Snappii service and go green! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Snappii Builds Apps For Trucking Companies

Today we continue reviewing the ways how various industries can benefit from using mobile apps. Now it is the turn of trucking services. Trucking allows to supply provisions and goods to the most distant locations on a map even. It is clear that running big trucks is very expensive due to fuel costs and long distances. To achieve maximum efficiency a total control is necessary- apps for trucking will do. That's why dispatchers need to know where the trucks are at all time. Knowing the routes can help dispatchers create optimum deliver and minimize travel while maximizing pay load. Keeping truck drivers informed about traffic jams or road works can save a great amount of time to reach a destination. With the help of trucking mobile app these tasks are easily performed. Google maps we use in our Map and Nearby controls will always show where a truck is, specify the mileage, create the shortest route.

Besides driving there is a lot of paper work common for trucking drivers. They need to fill out many forms such as bill of goods, landing declaration when goods are loaded and unloaded and in route at weigh stations. This procedure has some drawbacks such as losing some documentation on the way to a destination, paper is easily destroyed and etc. Here comes smartphones and tablets to your service. Mobile app installed on your device can contain all the forms needed to be filled out. You will never lose this data and always have easy and quick access to it. Truck drivers will be able to send forms out to email addresses or server sides. For years big companies like JB Hunt were trying to stick computers into trucks but it is expensive and not convenient for truckers. iPhone/iPad and Android apps are more flexible and convenient in use for the same purposes. Today most drivers already have such devices on their own as they understand how helpful they are at work. Forms can include not only some written data but location parameters as well as photos. Photos can be taken to validate conditions of inventory in transit.

While you are driving you will always have a helpful friend in your pocket. If you are interested in getting fleet management or trucking app, feel free to go to our Site and fill out the form with your requirements. We will be happy to create such apps for trucking companies, exactly as you want them. All are welcome!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Construction Industry Can Benefit From Iphone/Ipad And Android Apps

As you know smartphones are hot today as they save a lot of precious time and greatly assist businesses and not only. More people access the Web using their smartphones and Apple products than from PCs. In some industries these useful devices get specific meaning especially the ones where people spend more of their working time out of offices and work in the field e.g. construction industry. It is obvious that using mobile platforms which are filled up with necessary functions and can be easily placed in the pocket seem to be the most appropriate for field services. Construction projects especially commercial construction, road and bridge construction, field construction, school construction often run into many millions of dollars and maintaining documentation is essential to manage the project and for legal reasons. Creating a special app for construction services will first of all help key personnel and construction project management handle daily reports which are a must do. These reports can contain texts as well as different images and other various data. 

Using mobile apps construction people will fill out daily reporting and field reporting forms and submit them immediately.  No reason to waste paper as all data can be sent out this way. Same applies for all regulatory forms.  Filling out forms using apps is easier for field works, convenient and more timely.  Apps should also let customers monitor the progress daily and report disagreements or desired changes right away to save money. Besides the app can include all the info about the company, contact details and a website to be simply reached. All reference material can also be made accessible through the app. For more detailed reports iPad or Android  tablets should be used as it gives bigger screen to work with.

If you are interested, such an app can be quickly created by Snappii. Fill out the Request Form on our site and the reply will be given in the next 24 hours. Really excellent and cost-effective apps for your construction industry will save you most of time and money. In case you have no time to invest into your app you can have Snappii team maintain your app for you. Here are three full service plans for your convenience. Choose any and Snappii will create the app and make updates for it. And you just use and benefit from your iPhone, iPad and/or Android functional app for construction service.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How To Create mCommerce Apps with Snappii

Recently Snappii has released PayPal functionality and now it is available in the editor. InApp purchases are becoming popular. It is really convenient to pay for various goods and single items using mobile apps. Let's take a look at how you can easily create your own mCommerce app. 

First of all come to Snappii WYSIWYG editor and start creating your app. You can add PayPal button to Custom tab, then specify the settings. To fit your app excellent play with its size, there are three dimensions available. Keep in mind that you need to enable PayPal functionality in PayPal settings, otherwise you won't find the button when previewing your app. The following fields need to be filled out: Description, Item ID, Product name, Item Price. Due to the last changes now it is possible to enter any amount for purchasing products, just check the appropriate box. As well tax and shipping can be added to the starting price, check the boxes if you need this. Later you will upload the spreadsheets for them in PayPal settings in the menu on the left. Sample spreadsheets are available in the settings and will help you create your own ones following the patterns. To use PayPal functionality everyone needs to input his Live App Id. To get it you will have to go thru the whole process of approval specified here. PayPal button will perfect suit you in case the main idea of your app is to purchase a definite product or e.g. membership in the app. 

To perform multiple purchases there is a Product List (upload a spreadsheet with needed parameters and data). App users will see the list of products with images and price. Tapping on any product will move it to a Shopping Cart you need to add to your app in advance. For your convenience you can use both tabs and buttons and instead of separate tabs add buttons to Custom tab. Once products are in the Shopping Cart they can be purchased. As you see the whole process is really simple and can be done in minutes - the single exception is awaiting for Live App Id approval. In case you will have questions regarding PayPal usage you can contact us or look it up in our FAQ. Together with other cool features Snappii offers your app can become a really useful one and everyone will want to have it on their devices. Go ahead and try making your own mCommerce app.