Thursday, November 8, 2012

5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Technology to Gain Customers

Is your favorite restaurant wired for your convenience? Check out the following ways your local establishment is keeping in contact with you.
1. Now more than ever, restaurants need to be aware of their web footprint when it comes to reviews and ratings on sites. Instead of diners using on-line sites for ratings and comments, develop your own apps to let diners send comments directly to you. Then, you can respond directly.
2. Don’t let independent sites like Open Table make reservations for your guests. Create your own app for taking reservations and keep diners from comparing you to other restaurants near you.
3. Learn about your guest’s birthdays, anniversaries, graduations through your app, surprise them with a little surprise when they arrive. Trust me, they’ll think of you in a very special way from then on.
4. With your own app from Snappii, the GPS feature will allow guests to let their friends know they’re at your restaurant so they’re more likely to meet up and join them for a meal, dessert or beverage.
5. Imagine diners being able to peruse appetizers, main courses, beverages on line through your app. All of that is possible with Snappii 2.0. Any staff person can set the menu up and change items and prices whenever you want. Your diners can not only download your app to their smartphone, but they can also place it on their desktop. Whether at home, work or on the go, they’re just a click away from your menu, placing a take out order or setting up reservations.

Go to Snappii and start building your app today. Soon, the tables will be filling.

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