Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How Verizon, Time Warner, Comcast and other members of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association can save time and money with the release of Snappii 2.0.

Every day, field staff for cable and telecommunications companies head into the field to install new equipment to activate, upgrade or repair cable television, digital phone and broadband account services for new and existing customers. Regardless of which service or customer type, each one requires work orders, lists of equipment used, a customer signature and, in some cases, even a payment to be made.

With the release of Snappii 2.0, all of this information can be captured in an app built with Snappii 2.0. The templates pre-built in Snappii guarantee businesses of all types can create apps for field personnel with no need to hire expensive programmers. Snappii’s simple drag and drop technology can make anyone a programmer, from a parts manager to a dispatcher.

Speaking of parts and dispatch, with Snappii 2.0, you have the ability to incorporate QR codes on all of your parts and supplies and have the field technicians scan them in the field as they are used. No missing inventory and no discovering inventory needs to be re-ordered before it’s completely out for some field personnel.

The GPS technology accessible with Snappii 2.0 allows dispatchers to set up driver routes that ensure the most efficient route is always taken to ensure the most customer needs are met.  Receive an urgent service request, upload a new set of data for that driver and they can reroute to it and maintain the most efficient service route.

Learn more about how the Cable and Telecommunications industries can benefit from the use of technology like those found in an interview C-SPAN did for their The Communicators Cable Show in May of this year with Michael Powell, CEO of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association and Glenn Britt of
Time Warner Cable.

With Gartner’s 2013 release of its Tech Trends, it is clear that every business with representatives and technicians in the field needs to look at building custom mobile apps with Snappii 2.0 today. Read what Larry Dignan had to say October 23rd on ZDnet about Gartner’s ranking of Mobile Device Battles and Mobile Applications & HTML5 as the Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2013. With Snappii 2.0 already equipped to help you build apps for Apple, Android and HTML5, there’s no need to put off developing your app until 2013. Snappii 2.0 is ready for you and your business now.

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