Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Snappii 2.0 is Available for HTML5 Web Apps

Good news, an updated, feature-rich Snappii 2.0 release has expanded your APP design possibilities. Now it is available both for  the iOS and HTML5 platforms. We'll have even more updates for building Android APPS very soon. Web apps are incredibly flexible and offer some advantages over native apps. Let's review them:

- No long, time consuming review process. Your web app will be published once it is submitted. Rejection is simply not possible. This alone will save you and your development team quite a lot of time.

- HTML5 web apps work in any browser, both on mobile devices and PCs. Native apps, as you know, can usually only be installed on devices only. Yet, most people still use PCs at home and work and will find it tremendously convenient to open your app in their PC browser. Especially if they happened to leave their mobile device at home. Web apps are easy to add to your home screen on gadgets, which will make them look the same way as iPhone or iPad app do.

- Using Full Service, you will notice that web app development is 3 times less expensive than the cost of developing just one native iOS app. If your budget is limited but you desperately need an app,  a HTML5 solution sounds like perfect fit for you.

- You have no need to purchase Apple and Google Developer accounts (that is $99 and $25 annually). Save the money and time for their setup as well.

- You will be able to test your app without installing the Snappii preview app on your device. That can be especially useful when there is no iOS gadget at hand.

If you'd like to Do It Yourself with the Snappii platform, you can ensure that the web app development process is the same for native iPhone and Android apps, as well as HTML5. So, if you are eager to try the Snappii 2.0 release, upload your data sources, add Advanced List, then the Advanced Form tabs and buttons the same way you did for your iOS apps. All the necessary information to answer any of your questions can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions, as well as our many previous blog posts. If you don't find the answers you were looking for, don't hesitate to email your questions to support@snappii.com.

Let me take a moment to just remind you of the many things Snappii 2.0 allows you to do:

-    sort any data inside the apps
-    search for any data inside the apps
-    control the appearance of any information organized in list view
-    control the appearance of  any detailed screen
-    control group access to various levels of functionality
-    ability to extract data as PDF reports and email it
-    categorize
-    and much more

Visit the Snappii website today to learn more about mobile and HTML5 web app development without needing programming skills using the Snappii visual WYSIWYG Editor . A real app for your and your company is literally just a few clicks away.

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