Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Apps Coming to a Fitness Center Near You

An article titled Working Up An APP-etite  in the Business Sunday section of the Portland Press Herald by Chicago Tribune writer Ellen Jean Hirst really caught my eye. In the story, Ms. Hirst talked to representatives from fitness equipment industry leaders Life Fitness and Precor about how their latest treadmills will all come equipped with touch screen tablets. Many of the Fitness Center spokespeople she'd talked to indicated they would be phasing out their current equipment in favor of these new tablet equipped versions. And why not?

According to an article on mobile technology in the health and fitness industry, back in 2010, mobile application downloads related to the health fitness industry generated a total of $100 million in revenue. Among these applications was"RunKeeper" by FitnessKeeper, Inc.. RunKeeper was also named on of Times top ten iphone apps in 2009.

Fitness Business Apps says keeping customers engaged in a health lifestyle is one of the top reasons for Fitness Centers and Fitness Instructors to have their own apps for customers to access. They also recommend having your own apps as it is also a powerful way to keep your customers up-to-date on upcoming classes and events.

Think of the advantage it would be to have each of your instructors be able to set up every client, their critical goals, then be able to track it throughout their workout. Imagine how much easier it would be to motivate your customers when they can see their progress by accessing their app on each piece of equipment as they move through their workout.

Even if they do part of their workout at home, they could access your app and look at their goals from home or work, then track their progress for your fitness instructors to see their progress in between visits and change their goals accordingly.

Don't have an app?  You can easily create your own app using Snappii 2.0. You can either use our Do It Yourself WYSIWIG editor and begin building your app using one of our Fitness App templates. Upload your own logos and edit the tab menus to be customized to your Fitness Center. You can use the new Data Entry features to load up your clients and specific data related to their goals.

According to Healthcare Global, there are 23,000 Health Apps on iOS and Andoid alone. By building your App with Snappii 2.0, you can ensure your customers always choose your Fitness Center for their workout center wherever they may workout.

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