Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snappii can Cure the Enterprise Mobile APP Development Migraine

An article by Graeme Burton titled "Analysis: mobile development migraine" on really drew my attention. I'd like to restate several of the points Graeme made, as I believe his points to be spot on.

First, Graeme mentions how "10 years ago, the web browser was going to render the operating system obsolete." Graeme goes on to say "The Apple iPhone happened and the epicenter of popular "app" development shifted to the proprietary environments provided by major mobile platform vendors.: Graeme is right, but I would even go a little further back to the 90's when Windows came up and was the focal point for all app development. Later in his article, Graeme went on to agree when he said "there isn't the kind of eco-system of tools that helped to establish Microsoft Windows as the de facto standard on the desktop in the 1980s and 1990s."

Trying to develop apps for Android, Apple iOS, as well as HTML5 environments is, as Graeme put it, "like taking a plunge... There are plenty of challenges."

That's why at Snappii, we've made our visual WYSIWYG Editor so easy, so that you don't have any code to write. 30 times faster than traditional programming, you can simply build your app by dragging, dropping, and configuring the modules you need for your app. You can even include high level modules like Shopping Cart, Forums, QR codes, and many more.

To emphasize the value of Snappii's Live Build Preview App versus trying to learn app coding in your own IT department, Graeme states, "the peculiar demands of mobile app development may come as a surprise to developers more used to conventional application development. ...the language that you write your apps in is not your choice."

Mr. Burton has addressed many key challenges in organizations trying to address app development on their own, never mind the cost of paying the costs to hire in app developers or outsource app development at costs literally in the 10's of thousands. App development as well as testing is totally free with Snappii. With Snappii's Live Build WYSIWYG Editor, the entire development team can work in parallel to insure your app's content and functionality meets your business needs. In addition, Snappii's Rich library of ready made industry specific templates will give the development team a great starting point.  Best of all, by working together with Snappii, development, QA and usability testing all occurs at the same time. Our Web2phone copy option allows you to make a white labeled version of your app, something you may not get or may pay considerably more for when you hire your typical app development company.

Don't let enterprise mobile app development give you a migraine. Let Snappii be the cure for you today.


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