Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Live App Build Solution For Businesses

When companies are looking for talented, experienced developers capable of creating a really powerful and useful mobile app, they often can be taking a big risk. First of all, it is expensive, as you will have to pay the majority of the whole development fee. This is regardless of the received result, or if the developer can use the code you paid for on future app development jobs for other clients. And it could be worse. If you do not like the results you get, you will likely need to start all over again and resume searching for a new developer. If you announced to your customers and staff when your mobile app would release, it will be almost impossible to meet that schedule with a new developer. Both your money and time have likely been consumed. Unfortunately, client relationships are also jeopardized.

So what choices do you have left, especially when you are already outside your time frame and your original budget is already compromised. Thankfully, there is one proven way out of this situation available to you. It is Snappii Mobile Application Enterprise for Business. Snappii offers DIY(Do It Yourself) as well as Full Service solutions. Soon, Snappii will be releasing a special program for Mobile Enterprises too. The Snappii DIY (Do-It-Yourself) platform enables you to create native iOS,Android and HTML5 web apps without the need to have programming knowledge. You and your development team can use the Snappii platform's WYSIWYG Visual Editor to just drag and drop the elements you need onto the screen. You can also choose from the Rich library of pre-built industry specific templates to begin filling in your content. You can graphics and content you want to create just the APP you want.

With the Snappii Platform, there is no need to write code from scratch. You simply benefit from the one carefully written for you in the WYSIWYG Visual Editor by Snappii's development team. You can free up your internal developers to work on your own in-house APP needs and other back-end systems. You will not only save tremendous time and money; you'll also get more profitable development work done for both your customers and your internal personnel.

Another significant factor when you work with Snappii is that making and testing mobile apps is totally free. Quick testing is possible with Snappii Preview app, available both in the AppStore and Google Play. By simply downloading and installing this app on your devices, you will be able to instantly view changes made to your app and also review lots of demo and live apps created by Snappii. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, there is also an option for you called Web2Phone copy. It is a Live app builder like Preview, except it adds the additional ability to white label your APP designs. White label will remove all Snappii ads, "Powered By" references and will allow you to upload your own Splashscreens. The app functions and looks like a live app downloaded from any online stores. Show your designs to any of your potential customers and simply complete the app after their approval. No app development companies can offer anything similar for you. Deploy the app and  it will be running on devices in just moments.

Choosing Full Service support, you can have the Snappii development team design the app for you. Just fill out the App Request Form. In just 48 hours, you will get a Prototype of your app running on any device. This is convenient and economical, especially if you are tight on time to create an app yourself. 

In any case, you will benefit tremendously by choosing Snappii Mobile Application Platform for Business to get your applications live.  You'll have apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices in just hours and days, rather than months if you need to hire developers. Save money and spend your time on expanding your staff, inventory, and perhaps even locations, based on the new prospects and customers your new APP will help you gain.  

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