Thursday, November 1, 2012

SnAPPii is changing the Way Businesses Approach App Development

The majority of enterprise mobile application development projects are long,costly initiatives that require a cross-functional effort within the organization.  Collaboration amongst the key stakeholders (IT, development,and the line of business) is absolutely critical for the success of the project.  The problem is the traditional sequence approach to the development life cycle (design, build, test, deploy, update, and analyze)does not lend itself to collaboration and rapid development.   In many cases, the line of business stakeholders who are focused on the user-experience are included late in the development process after the application has been coded and is deemed ready for testing.   Changes to the requirements and any scope creep at this stage require recoding efforts often across multiple platforms (iOS, Android) further delaying deployment.

To compound the issue, the mobile coding skills needed to build on multiple platforms is scarce and existing resources are often tied up delaying the design phase of any new app development projects in the pipeline.Likewise, published apps need to be maintained and updated on an ongoing basis creating an additional challenge.  With the increased demand to mobilize business applications both internally and externally, the lack of available technical skills and the old world approach to developing applications is costing businesses both time and money. 

The SnAPPii Mobile Application Platform was developed to solve these business problems. The platform was specifically designed for all types of users to promote a collaborative and parallel development cycle to deliver rapid app deployment.The SnAPPii WYSIWYG Visual Editor allows both coders and non-coders the ability to design and build apps.  Using the platform,both the technical team as well as the business owners can fully participate in the design, build, and test phases, compressing the development cycle and dramatically improving time to market and lowering costs. Using the SnAPPiiPreview App, design and functionality changes can be deployed in real time to mobile devices for usability testing and direct feedback. 

In addition, SnaPPii Visual Editor comes with a rich library of pre-built features and functionality and allows for multi-source data connectivity to front-end business applications.  Once the app is published and available for users, the SnAPPii platform serves as mobile content management system to make continuous content updates, manage user profiles, send push notifications, and monitor performance and usability.  SnAPPii is truly changing the way businesses approach app development. 

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